Teenage Parenting Essay

A essay english writing skills discussion on the physical, emotional, mental, financial and interpersonal facets of raising a child as a teenage parent.

The following paper looks at the way in which teen parenting is more likely a condition of conflict than a semblance of normal parenthood. The writer looks at the way in which the teenage parents’ emotions, already in adolescent turmoil, become increasingly uncomfortable during the process of bringing up a child. Finally the writer examines why the exacerbation of mental illness is an important consideration to ponder before deciding to give birth as a teenager.

Teen parents inherit a plethora of problems ranging from mental and physical health issues to economic and social problems. Having a baby and raising a child are not easy tasks for a woman of any age; parenting as a teen undoubtedly compounds the difficulties and pressures of adolescence. There is nothing glamorous or cool” about having a baby. It does not raise the status of a teen, does not automatically bestow maturity or full rights owed to adults. A 15-year old mother still cannot vote or buy liquor. Why should parenting be an acceptable choice for an already irresponsible, self-centered youth? It is easy to sympathize with those who would prefer to bear the burden of an unwanted, unplanned child: their courage and determination is admirable, their dedication to their religious of personal ideals is exemplary. But are teen parents realistic? Have teen parents considered all their options, weighing each carefully, heard stories of those who have experienced the difficulties of parenting while still in school? “





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