Affirmative Action in California

This paper is a research to analyze affirmative action in California by examining the past, present and future of African-Americans at two each California upper-tier medical and law schools.

This paper explains that the reason this study is proposed is that many argue the mere elimination of the discriminatory practices of the past has not eliminated the deeper problems of racism and the lack of equal rights, equal opportunity and equal consideration for the African-American community. The author points out that the United States seemed to be moving ever-closer to a curious situation, one in which an artificial system of quotas, or “preferences” was aiming to create a “color-blind” society in which positions of employment and trust were occupied, at all levels, by persons of various how to write an essay for college about yourself racial and ethnic groups in proportion to their numbers in the general population. The paper states that the researcher will use a questionnaire to examine both how African-Americans view their own experience at UCLA and USC’s medical and law schools, and how they perceive the African-American experience in general at those schools. Table of Contents Introduction Literature Review Proposed Research Purpose of Study The Setting Participants Survey Instrument Independent Variables Dependent Variables Evaluation Conclusion

Everything changed, however, as a result of the Civil Rights Movement and best essay writing service uk yahoo the calls made for justice and change by such outstanding spokesmen for human rights as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and a host of other political and social activists. Jim Crow was abolished, and schools across America were desegregated. Judges all over the country ordered the busing of school-age children to schools that were often far from their homes. The aim was to create schools with student populations that reflected the genuine racial and ethnic make-up of America and of its local communities. From now on, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and other Minorities would learn side by side with Whites. Colleges and universities too, actively sought African-American, Hispanic, Latino, and Asian students. The law schools of both public institutions of higher learning like UCLA, and private schools like USC, established Affirmative Action Programs that aimed to guarantee a certain number of places for these Minorities.


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